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How to Cook Tofu

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How do I cook Tofu?

How to Cook Tofu

When most people think of vegetarian recipes, tofu inevitably comes to mind. Unfortunately, many people have tried tofu only to encounter a slimy, flavorless mush. The good news is that anyone can prepare delicious, enticing tofu while gaining the benefits of soy foods. Once you know how it's easy!

Tofu can be prepared in a multitude of ways! There is baked tofu, fried tofu, grilled tofu and even tofu stir fry! The biggest mistake most people make is buying the wrong type of tofu. Once you understand how to buy tofu then cooking it is easy!

There are two main types of tofu that can be found in three different consistencies. Silken tofu is a Japanese style tofu with a softer consistency than regular tofu and is more apt to crumble or “mush.” Regular tofu is also called “Chinese tofu” and is more common. This is most often the type of tofu you find in the refrigerator section. Tofu comes in soft, medium and firm consistency so be sure to use the type of tofu required for the recipe! Always drain the tofu before preparing it.

Soft silken tofu is often used for sauces, creams, soups or other recipes that require a smooth, creamy consistency. Chinese or bean curd tofu; especially with a firm consistency, is often used for frying or as a meat substitute.

The secret to cooking soy foods, like tofu, is learning how to buy the right type for the recipe and cooking method!



8/27/2007 9:39:04 PM
David said:

I found this helpful. While I have eaten tofu for many years, I am only just starting to cook with it.

1/21/2008 12:25:30 PM
terri said:

it is a good tip. i am learning about vegetarian cooking and had no ideal how to chose tofu for cooking

3/25/2008 4:25:03 PM
pearl said:

very good tip as I know nothing about tofu and am interested in trying it in the near future and knowing how to prepare it and how to cook it is a must just like any other stuff.


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