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Nuts About Squash

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Nuts About Squash

As you stroll down the produce aisle in your favorite grocery store during the Fall season you will notice a variety of winter squash on display. Since some of these are not very familiar I have listed them below with a brief description.

ACORN - this squash has a sweet flavor and can be baked after cutting in half and seeded and eaten with sweet filling such as butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and/or maple syrup. For a savory flavor you can fill the halves with bread stuffing.

BLUE HUBBARD - this squash has a mild flavor. After peeling, boil it and mash for pies or cut up and roast for a side dish.

BUTTERCUP - this squash has a very sweet flavor. It is naturally creamy and tastes great when mashed as a substitute for potatoes, but can also be stuffed and baked as a side dish.

BUTTERNUT - this squash has a sweeet and little nutty flavor. After peeling, boil it and place in blender. Add the puree to soups for a creamy consistency. You can also roast it in chunks for a side dish.

CARNIVAL - this squash is similar to a sweet potatoe. It has a creamy texture that makes it a slightly sweeter substitute for mashed potatoes. After baking or steaming, mash with butter and herbs for a side dish.

DELICATA - this squash has a rich and very sweet flavor. It can be baked or steamed then mash and use in place of potatoes.

SPAGHETTI - this squash has a mild flavor. It is used as an alternative to pasta. Cut in half lengthwise, remove the seeds and bake, boil or microwave until tender. Run a fork along the cooked squash to release the spaghetti-like strands.

SWEET DUMPLING - this squash has a sweet flavor. After cutting in half, bake it and serve as a side dish with butter and herbs.

TURBAN - this squash has a bland flavor. You can cut in chunks and use for soups however this squash isn't as great for eating because of their bland flavor. They are great to use for decorations and you might even be able to use them as soup bowls after hollowing them out.

I have submitted a delicious recipe for Butternut squash under the Category 'Vegetarian Recipes' and the Title 'Creamy Autumn Squash Pasta'.



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