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Acclaimed Children's Book: "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals"

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Acclaimed Children's Book: "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals"

Get this book! Ruby Roth's "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals" (North Atlantic Books, May 2009) is quickly gaining acclaim and recognition. On it's Amazon page you can find comments and reviews from the likes of Jane Goodall, Alicia Silverstone, and PETA (plus a 5-star rating).

The 48-page hardcover is geared to 9-12 year olds. It tells the story of animals in their natural habitat versus animals in factory farms. The illustrations are powerful and moving. Mary Martin of Animal Person Blog brings up this criticism though, "It would seem to me that, especially when it comes to children, a consistent message of respect and justice, emphasizing it's not okay to eat animals because it's not okay to eat animals, factory farmed or not, would have been a better angle." The book makes factory farming the antagonist--rather than simply killing animals.

Despite this take, the book is a welcome addition to the vegetarian and vegan landscape. On the book's website, you can check out some of the great illustrations. The site states, "The boldest step yet in children’s literature, this heartfelt, informative book offers a key resource to inspire parents and children to talk about a timely, increasingly important subject."

Thank you Ruby Roth and North Atlantic Publishing!



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