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Sign the Petition for Vegetarian School Lunches

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Sign the Petition for Vegetarian School Lunches

Many of you saw, read, and "re-tweeted" my recent post about fast food meat being safer than school lunch meat (12-13-09). Now there is something we can do about it! Go to and sign the petition calling for, among other things, vegetarian school lunches.

The petition asks for the Child Nutrition Act to be amended so more vegetarian meals will be available in schools. Of this petition, writes, "For 30 million children their only options are artery-clogging, high-cholesterol meats and dairy products. These bad foods are unfair and risk their health over the long run. Now is the time to ask Congress for the healthy school lunches that students deserve." Let's get some salads and steamed veggies in those need brain food!

The petition also calls for amendments to the WIC program. WIC is like a "food stamps" program for parents with young children. Receipients are required to purchase specific products (such as fatty, processed cheddar cheese) for their children under age 5. So if a parent wanted to give the child rice, almond, or soy milk, they couldn't use their WIC to do so--it would not be considered an authorized food. Only cow's milk.

As of this moment, they have about 3,000 signatures with a goal of 20,000. It just takes a minute to make a difference. You can also stay posted on this and related issues by subscribing to's "sustainable food" hub: or their animal rights hub:

Sign the petition for Vegetarian School Lunches (and watch the PSA for the petition)! If not you, then who?



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