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Check Out the "Groovy Vegetarian" Blog

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Check Out the "Groovy Vegetarian" Blog

I subscribe to a number of vegetarian and animal rights related blogs like Animal Person, Animal Rights Blog, and Groovy Vegetarian.

Groovy Vegetarian is one of my favorites. Missy, who manages the blog, posts a lot of entertaining, informative, and fresh content. She welcomes posts from outside sources. In fact, a lot of the content I pass on here is related to things I read on the Groovy Vegetarian Blog. For example, the $5 annual subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine was news I got from her site!

Here are some of my favorite posts from Missy:

<a href = "" >Top Cookbooks As Picked By Doctor Committee, Many Are Vegetarian </a>

<a href =>Real Girls Eat Meat, I Dont Think So Jessica! </a>

<a href =>PETA Founder Caught Eating Big Fat Whopper! </a>



2/5/2010 7:06:34 PM
Missy said:

Hey, Staci:

Thanxs for the mention. Woot!


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