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Soy Meat Alternates

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What are meat alternatives?

Soy Meat Alternates

Meat alternatives made from soybeans contain soy protein or tofu and other ingredients mixed together to simulate various kinds of meat. These meat alternatives are sold as frozen, canned or dried foods. Usually, they can be used the same way as the foods they replace. With so many different meat alternatives available to consumers, the nutritional value of these foods varies considerably. Generally, they are lower in fat, but read the label to be certain. Meat alternatives made from soybeans are excellent sources of protein, iron and B vitamins.



10/11/2007 1:39:22 PM
sandy said:

i like your page my grandaughter has gave up meat so i have been cooking for her we had spinch nodles soy chicken and sause it was quite good we will be trying more

11/29/2007 4:55:53 AM
Dora said:

While the above is true it does fail to mention the high sodium content of these foods. Soy alternatives are great but should be used sparingly and not as a replacement for meat or other protein. Perhaps if you miss the taste of meat you should reconsider your reasons for being vegetarian.


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