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Vegetarian Diet Can Prevent Impotence

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Can eating meat cause impotence?

Vegetarian Diet Can Prevent Impotence

Real men are vegetarians! OK, maybe not all real men are vegetarians but one of the biggest benefits of a vegetarian diet for men is that it can help fight impotence. Believe it or not, it was been proven that a diet with a meat base that is high in fat can curb a man's sexual appetite.

Fatty foods like chicken fingers and bacon cheeseburgers cause a higher body fat level which lessens testosterone levels--this can increase the chances of impotence. The reason? Lots of fat can clog the arteries, including arteries that pump blood to the penis. Arterial blockages are a major contributer to impotence problems today.

So, fellas, next time you're cruising through that fast food drive-through, pass on the cheeseburger and opt for a salad or yogurt parfait instead.



6/30/2011 2:36:41 PM

HI i am dev. reading this article with full admiration and excitement, i am glad that this website is actually working towards creating a meatless society..... imagine eating a cow ( as a hamburger ) when you at the same time could think of it grazing on the fields. there are lots of benefits of ceasing to eat meat..... vegetarianism promotes a much better health and leads to a more intellectual.. it is a proven , well - known and agreed fact that people that do not eat meat have 45% better level of thinking and are much more capable of finding solutions than those whose stomachs are graveyards for dead animals.... and think of those animals that do not eat meat e.g the cow , horse, bull, elephant, deer.. they are all well known for their amazingly phenomenal physical strength.... vegetarians are mentally and yes physically stronger that meat consumers..... drinking milk and eating cheese is not considered eating meat. they are animal products which are safe to be consumed both spiritually and morally.


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