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Live Longer by Eating Veggies

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Do vegetarians have better metabolisms?

Live Longer by Eating Veggies

Want to have a better chance of maintaining a healthy body weight as you grow older? Become a vegetarian. It had been proven that vegetarians have much faster metabolisms than meateaters. In the inevitable slowing of the metabolism with age that results in weight gain, vegetarians have a big advantage.

Recently, a study was conducted that showed that vegetarians have resting metabolic rates (RMR) that are 11% higher than the RMR's of nonvegetarians. A heightened RMR will allow a person to burn fat and calories a lot more quickly than average. On the other hand, a lower RMR will increase the risk of becoming overweight and developing serious health problems that are related to weight issues (like diabetes, heart disease, and strokes). So, by merely substituting every meat dish with a tasty vegetarian dish you can actually increase both your quality of life and your life span.



1/14/2009 9:18:17 AM
albert said:

this is astounding Cindy! any 'factoids' you can present as basis for the argument. a VERY good reason to be a vegetarian if in fact it's true!!


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