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Good Reason To Eliminate Meat

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Do livestock producers use arsenic to as a growth stimulant?

Good Reason To Eliminate Meat

Did you know that poultry producers and pig farmers routinely use arsenic as a growth stimulant for the animals? Strangely enough, federal law permits the usage of arsenic in commercial animal raising. The trick is that the government stipulates that commercial livestock farmers must stop adding arsenic to the animal feed at least 5 days before the slaughter so that arsenic residue levels will reach a legal level that is approved by the FDA (.55 parts per million).

The truth is, however, that several studies indicate that many livestock farmers do not adhere to these regulations. In fact, the USDA estimates that about 16% of the nation's poultry supply contains levels of arsenic that are above the legal limit. Do your body a favor and skip those meat meals; treat your body to vegetarian entrees instead.



11/18/2009 12:42:47 PM
Rachelle said:

that is great to know that because most of my friends eat meat. now i can tell them that not only are they eating unhealthy, but they are putting chemicals into their body that could harm them


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