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Colleges are Vegetarian Friendly

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How can I maintain a vegetarian diet while away at college?

Colleges are Vegetarian Friendly

If you are about to start college and are concerned how you will be able to stick to your vegetarian diet here are some great hints to help you:

  • Always keep some healthy vegetarian snacks around to munch on during those all-nighters or after a night of partying.

  • Talk with the school's dining hall directors (they can usually be found around mealtime, or are available upon appointment) and discuss ways to make your dining options more vegetarian-friendly.

  • Request that they provide things like soymilk and veggie cheese, and veggie burgers and Portobello mushrooms by the grill. Also, ask them to clearly label all food selections as “vegetarian” or “non-vegetarian” (they can easily use a system where they put a “V” next to the label of each vegetarian option).

  • Speak up! Often times, people will be happy to alter dishes for you. For example, if the stir fry has chicken in it, ask the chef to make you a special meatless batch, ask for pizza with no cheese.

  • Mix and match! Mix some tofu and beans from the salad bar with some salsa from the taco bar and put it over some rice that is sure to be available.



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