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Some Fat in Soup is Good

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What can I do to add to a vegetarian soup recipe?

Some Fat in Soup is Good

The key to a great vegetarian soup recipe is to add oil. Even if you are someone who typically leans towards dishes that are low in fat, it does your body good as the fats assist in creating a healthy, working metabolism. In addition, that oil will drastically enhance any soup's flavor. Be sure to use an oil that will be liquid at room temperature, (olive oil, vegetable oil, or grape seed oil). As you probably know, salt is an important ingredient in many dishes (a healthier option is sea salt). Any kind of salt will do wonders for the flavor of most foods. It's important, however, to add salt to a dish while it is cooking rather than adding it after the dish is finished to taste (this will make a huge difference in the final result).



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