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Vegetables 101

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Vegetables 101

How many of you can list all vegetables from A - Z without skipping a beat? Bet you didn't know that there are some so-called vegetables such as tomatos, avocados, and squash that are in reality fruits. Did you know that corn is not really a vegetable instead it is a grain? Also we have legumes(beans) which are actually vegetables, but are usually not considered as such. Going back to the fruits that are considered vegetables, if you are wondering how can you tell what other vegetables are really fruits, well, just ask yourself this, does the vegetable have seeds? If the answer is yes, then technically, you have a fruit, if it does not have seeds then you are looking at a vegetable. Just visualize tomatoes which have seeds and lettuce which do not. Regardless, I will still include those so called vegetables on this site since we've always known them to be as such and will treat them accordingly.



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