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Becoming Vegetarian Gradually

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Becoming Vegetarian Gradually

So, the thought of becoming a vegetarian seems appealing to you but you're a bit overwhelmed. Are you trying to figure out exactly how to become a vegetarian? If you want to convert but are not ready to quit meat cold turkey, try gradually switching over.

Start by eliminating only one type of meat from your diet (like beef). Then, after some time, drop another. And, throughout this process, begin incorporating vegetarian meals into your schedule. Start off slowly, have a couple vegetarian meals a week. Over time, increase the number of vegetarian meals until all meat is eliminated from your diet.

Most people have favorite dishes that can be easily converted to meatless versions. These can be homemade meals or menu items at a restaurant such as spaghett with marinara sauce, vegetable lo mein, and bean burrito. Also, if you enjoy vegetable lasagne, stir-fried vegetables, or pasta primavera, you can begin your transition by making these meals more often. In addition, pick up some great vegetarian cookbooks to play with so you can keep mealtime interesting with some exciting meatless dishes.



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