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101 Vegetarian Eating & Living Tips Book

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101 Vegetarian Eating & Living Tips Book

I'm Staci Marquez-Nichols, the new vegetarian guru. Last month, my book of vegetarian tips was published. The book contains great information for new, seasoned, and aspiring vegetarians--including:

~ how to form complete proteins with what you eat

~ nutrients that may be more crucial to your diet than protein

~ recipe ideas

Please feel free to check out my new book's website for a complete table of contents:

I have been a strict vegetarian for over 15 years and have written a number of vegetarian blogs, ebooks, and articles. I'm pleased and excited to be your new online guru as well! Please leave some comments about what kind of information you'd like to see explored on the blog. Let's start a thought-provoking dialogue on many of the complex issues surrounding vegetarian eating, the meat industry, health, and the environment!




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