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Now on DVD "Fowl Play: The Untold Story Behind Your Breakfast"

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Now on DVD "Fowl Play: The Untold Story Behind Your Breakfast"

The group Mercy for Animals has created an award-winning documentary on the chicken farming industry. Although, I haven't personally seen the film yet (it's not on Netflix), you can check it out further at

A press release from Mercy for Animals said:

"This groundbreaking film, which has earned rave reviews and top honors at over a dozen film festivals nationwide, takes viewers on an unforgettable journey behind the closed doors of some of the country's largest egg production facilities - illustrating the heartbreaking plight of laying hens.

"Propelled by touching interviews with animal rescuers, undercover investigators, veterinarians and animal behaviorists, Fowl Play brings us the inspiring stories of the kind and courageous people fighting to save the modern day hen - perhaps the most abused and exploited animal on earth.

"Connecting the dots between consumer demand for meat, dairy and eggs and the perpetuation of animal abuse, Fowl Play leaves viewers with a groundbreaking message of personal responsibility and the potential each of us holds to change the world - one meal at a time.

"This powerful film is now available on DVD for just $10. Complete with bonus videos, this DVD is a must-have for every animal advocate and conscious consumer."



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