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Jonathan Safran Foer's New Book "Eating Animals"

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Jonathan Safran Foer's New Book "Eating Animals"

This new book is stirring things up, creating discussion, opening dialogue, and making controversial waves. One of the main controversies is that the author, who speaks quite plainly about the retched reality of factory-farmed animals, is not a vegan. Foer recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and said some "two-rights-make-a-wrong" type things. For example, reported that, "At moments in this particular interview and audience Q&A, he seemed to be perpetuating the humane myth, this idea that unnecessary slaughter of animals can be 'humane' and that cruelties, suffering, and unnecessary death are only factory farming problems. Indeed, it was Ellen (a vegan) who briefly piped up when he was talking about battery cages to clarify that "cage-free eggs" are cruel too." When one of Ellen's audience members asked why the book lacks any discussion of veganism, Foer responded that the book is entitled "Eating Animals," NOT "Eating Animal Products."

There have been a number of bloggers writing about Foer's book, including Stephanie Ernst (, Jason Das (, Mary Martin, PhD (, and Katie Drummond (



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