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Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

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Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

I recently received a press release from Mercy For Animals and Compassionate Action for Animals. They are launching a comprehensive online guide to vegetarian- and vegan-oriented restaurants and grocers called

The website features restaurants around the globe. There are 10,000 individual restaurant reviews covering restaurants in over 70 countries! is community-lead, meaning you can log on and add reviews from any vegetarian-friendly restaurants you've dined at anywhere in the world--including photographs. The press release finishes by saying, "With your contributions, together we can make this the most useful guide to vegetarian establishments on the planet." Ambitious!

I visited and typed in my zip code. The search functions didn't impress me. For example, I typed in 92399 and got one result 4 miles from my house. I then typed in the zip code of the next town over 92374 and got 4 different results that were less than 2 miles away from my house!? You can set the search function to how many miles from your house it should search (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 miles).

I personally created a guide to vegetarian-friendly chain restaurants in the US on HubPages a few years ago. It may be helpful for new or transitioning vegetarians:



12/27/2009 12:04:07 PM
Dave Rolsky said:

Hi, Staci,

I'm the programmer behind VegGuide.

Zip code searches are not going to be very accurate because zip codes are big. If you live near the edge of your particular zip, the center of the search will probably be far from your house.

Try putting in your actual home address and you should get much better results.


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