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New Video Exposing Dairy Industry Cruelty

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New Video Exposing Dairy Industry Cruelty

I subscribe to the Mercy for Animals blog (a wonderful blog, if you haven't checked it out). They recently put together a video on an undercover investigation they conducted at a dairy factory...I mean, "farm." This is a very eye-opening video. In one of the most powerful scenes, a worker shoves several of his his fingers two-knuckles-deep into a calf's eye socket to better control her head as he painfully burns her horns off. I had to look away...

I blogged earlier that my resolution for 2010 has been reducing my dairy intake. I'm trying to only buy organic, hormone-free, free range dairy products, which are hard to find in my neck of the woods. I have completely stopped eating cheddar (my old favorite...but I couldn't stomach it any more). If you are also considering reducing or eliminating your dairy intake or going completely vegan, watching this video will give you the motivation you need!

Watch the video here:

Thanks Mercy for Animals for your great always!



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