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Gluten Can Be Your Friend

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Is gluten bad for people?

Gluten Can Be Your Friend

Because of the tiny minority of people with celiac disease (currently estimated at 1 out of 133 people in the U.S.), and another five to ten percent who have some form of gluten intolerance, gluten has been receiving very bad press. Many people whose bodies have no trouble at all with gluten may still assume that it presents a health hazard.

This is simply untrue. For most vegetarians, the gluten in good bread provides a wholesome form of protein. One ounce of vital wheat gluten provides 21 grams of protein and eight percent of the average daily iron requirement. In addition, of the 104 calories in this ounce of gluten, only four of those calories are from fat. And gluten is an excellent source of selenium, which is helpful in protecting the body's cardiovascular system.

Buying gluten flour and adding a few tablespoonfuls it to whole-grain bread recipes will produce loaves of superior texture and far greater nutritive value.



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