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Eliminating Gas

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How can I relieve the gas from my new diet?

Eliminating Gas

When you first start out as a vegetarian, you may notice an increase in gas. Your body´s reaction to your change in diet is a very common and perfectly natural one. The gas is likely caused by the high fibre content in the foods you are now eating - which, by the way are great for your health. Bean-O, unfortunately, will not likely be effective, as is not designed to eliminate this type of gas, but is targeted towards the sugar that cannot be digested in some beans. Therefore, it only works after eating beans and some vegetables. Your body will adjust to the changes in your diet with time and you will be much more healthy because of it. However, if the gas is too much of a problem for you, you can try eating very slowly, chewing your food carefully and avoid swallowing any air. Activated charcoal tablets (available without a prescription) can also provide relief for you when taken before a meal.



6/1/2007 2:56:45 AM
Mike said:

thank you SO MUCH for telling me i'm not alone.

6/1/2007 4:03:40 PM
Jasmine said:

Thank you sooooo much for this tip, i was getting worried and embarrassed. I have been vegetarian now for a month and the first two weeks were noxious! I think it has calmed finally. I was beginning to think I was intolerant of soy products. Using soy products in moderation helped me transition.


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