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Dip Into Your Dip Options

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What else can I use soup and dip mixes for?

Dip Into Your Dip Options

It's in every vegetarian hostess or host's best interest to have plenty of soup and dip mix on hand. Aside from making the obvious soups and dips that these mixes are designed to create, they also present a world of recipe opportunities. Each packet is chalked full of spices that can give extra kick to just about any recipe:

  • Use to make a marinade for tofu
  • Couple with oil and use to sauté veggies for a quick, flavorful meal
  • Sprinkle on top of a vegetarian pizza before baking for an extra kick
  • Spice up mashed potatoes or rice dishes
  • Use to help create flavorful casseroles

If you get creative, your options are limitless!



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