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Creative Protein Supplement Idea

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Creative Protein Supplement Idea

After posting my last blog entry on my preferred protein supplement, I got an email from Dr. Mercola regarding protein I checked it out. (Dr. Mercola runs a very popular natural health website and is quoted in my Lifetips book "101 Vegetarian Eating & Living Tips.")

Dr. Mercola, of course, discouraged the use of soy protein but said hemp is a great alternative. Nevertheless, he said that he grinds up fresh seeds (pumpkin, etc) and combines them with flaxseed (a great source of much-needed Omega-3s). He mixes them in a bowl with a raw, organic egg and maybe some other liquid (water). I suppose if you added a handful of dried fruit maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

My first reservation is about eating a raw egg. Dr. Mercola says you cannot even taste it when it is mixed in with the other ingredients.

My second concern is how do you grind the seeds...maybe a coffee bean grinder? Certainly a blender wouldn't do the trick. He does not discuss this in his article/video on the topic.

If anyone has any insight on making your own protein powder, please leave a comment with your thoughts!

To view the post from Dr. Mercola, go to: (Be warned in advance that Dr. Mercola is often hawking his own products, as is the case here. He recommends a whey protein product that he sells on his site, which I try to avoid since whey comes from dairy.)



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