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Flavor-Infused Vegan Pasta

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How can I add flavor to vegan pasta recipes?

Flavor-Infused Vegan Pasta

Want to add flavor to a vegan recipe for pasta? Unless it's seasoned correctly, pasta can be bland. Here are a couple hints to keep your vegan pasta dishes interesting:

  • Unless you're on a diet that restricts you from ingesting sodium, put salt in the water when preparing any pasta. It is a common cooking tip that the water that pasta or vegetables are being prepared in should taste just like saltwater.
  • If salt isn't your bag but you still want to add some taste to those noodles, toss a bay leaf into the water to infuse them with flavor. If you can find them, fresh bay leaves work much better than dry, jarred ones.



2/23/2012 8:13:50 AM
Anna said:

Great idea. The go to seasoned doesnt have to always be salt.


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