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Reap the Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet Monetary Wise

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Can becoming a vegetarian save you money?

Reap the Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet Monetary Wise

Do you want to have some extra cash in your pocket? Who doesn't?! According to studies, people living on vegetarian diets are reaping financial benefits left and right. An average American family spends an estimated $4,000 a year on meat products. Can you imagine how much money you could save if you completely cut meat out of your diet?

Just imagine all of the additional things you could purchase if you were putting an extra $4,000 in the bank annually. And, not only do vegetarian meals cost less than meats but they are costing the body less as well. Many meats are filled with saturated fats, chemical additives, nitrates, cholesterol, and hormones, all things that take a toll on the body. On the other hand, vegetarian foods pump the body full of vitamins and nutrients that can improve overall health--add that up!



11/8/2011 1:29:33 AM
dfsa said:

This tip is misleading. You will most likely save money by eating a vegetarian diet, but you will not save the $4g you spent on meat. The money you used to spend on meat will be substituted to buy and eat something like vegetables or fruits instead.


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