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Pep up Tofu

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How can I liven up tofu?

Pep up Tofu

One of the best low fat foods favored by vegetarians is tofu. The good thing about tofu is that it is so versatile. Many people are turned off by tofu because it doesn't have much of a taste. Ironically, however, the fact that tofu lacks taste is one of its better features. The beauty of tofu is that it easily absorbs flavors. You can make your tofu whatever you want it to be.

Here is a great idea: Prepare a tofu salad the same way that you would prepare tuna, egg, or chicken salad. To begin, drain tofu and crumble it into a bowl. Add mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, carrots, scallions, pickles, and chopped celery. Whip all of the ingredients together and eat them on a sandwich or in a pita. And, if you have leftovers and want a little variety throw some chopped tomatoes and ripe olives into the mix and serve over a bed of lettuce, add some dark sesame oil and toasted pine nuts to top it off.



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