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Ease Into It

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How can I ease into vegetarianism?

Ease Into It

If you've decided to become a vegetarian, making the change slowly is often times in your best interest. Quitting a meateater's life cold turkey on a dime can be difficult. If you ease into the new lifestyle gradually, you will give the body the time it needs to adjust to the big change in diet. By slowly converting to a vegetarian diet you also get the advantage of having more time to read up on nutrition and about vegetarian foods in general. This way, your diet will be satisfying and nutritionally balanced from the start.

A great way to ease into vegetarianism is to start leaning toward a kosher diet. In fact, more than 80% of the people who purchase kosher items are non-Jew vegetarians. When you eat foods with a kosher label you can be more confident that they do not contain animal products.



9/14/2009 12:26:33 PM
Irv S. said:

The information you present here is wrong. Many kosher foods contain animal products. Being kosher does not eliminate animal product ingredients. What you might have meant was "parve" which means that there is no meat or dairy products in the food item. However, a food that is parve is not necessarily kosher. Also, some parve foods contain fish.


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