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Different Types of Fiber

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What are the 2 different kinds of fiber?

Different Types of Fiber

You've heard that it's in your better interest to consume food high in fiber but what kind of fiber and what kind of food? Here's a little guide:

  • One kind of fiber is called “Soluble fiber” and it can be found in dried beans & peas, oat & rice brans, barley, and fruit pectin (used to thicken jellies). This type of fiber absorbs water inside the intestines, mixes with foods to form gel and slows the rate of glucose digestion and absorption into the bloodstream.

  • The second kind of fiber is called “Insoluble fiber.” This type of fiber is stringy and holds plants together. It is called "insoluble" because it won't dissolve when in water. It is mainly found in the leaves of plants, skins, peels, and the coverings of whole grains. Insoluble fiber can absorb it's own weight in water many times over. The water adds mass and softness to the stool to keep it moving along comfortably. Eating fiber essentially cleans out your intestine.



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