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Quick Breakfast Fix

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How can I get a quick, healthy breakfast?

Quick Breakfast Fix

I'm sure that you've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, the good news for vegetarians is that breakfast is the easiest meal to find healthy meatless options for, even healthy fast food options that are meatless. If you want a vegetarian breakfast that's low in fat and fast, here are some great tips:

  • Take your breakfast with you; pack a whole-grain bagel or muffin, a hard-boiled egg, yogurt or a small jar of peanut butter and some fruit in your bag and take it with you to work.

  • Make a weekly trip to the grocery store and buy things like whole-grain cereal (unsweetened) and eggs that you can hard-boil at home.

  • Stop at a café on the way out in the morning. However, skip the sweet sugary stuff like doughnuts and pastries and stay away from the fried stuff too. Try to find things that are whole wheat or have no added sugars.

  • Low-sugar and high-fiber and high-protein choices are the way to go. Get something like a bagel w/ light cream cheese or a piece of quiche.

  • Read the labels on breakfast bars (many are high in sugar).

  • In a pinch, grab a piece of fruit.



7/24/2008 2:07:23 AM
mary said:

i think that it is a smart thing to put this stuff on the internet.

5/16/2009 4:19:18 PM
Abe said:

Your recipes were helpful. Thanks. But I think you're confusing meatless and vegetarian. A hard boiled is just meatless. It is not vegetarian.

9/30/2011 10:07:16 AM
alexia said:

you suggest taking a hardboiled EGG with you for breakfast?????
I thought this was a site for vegetarians?


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