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Pleasing Your Non-Vegetarian Friends

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Pleasing Your Non-Vegetarian Friends

Cooking meals to satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters isn't as difficult as you might imagine.. It's very possible for vegetarians and meat-eaters to dine together at the same dinner table. Many meals are a combination of grains, veggies, and meat. The trick is to serve each thing seperately or to leave the meat as the last ingredient and remove a vegetarian portion before adding it.

Some suggestions include: a pizza that only has meat on one side, tacos or fajitas (have each person prepare their own), pasta with meatballs served on the side, or barbecued meals with a mixture of burgers, hotdogs, veggie kabobs, veggie burgers and vegetarian hot dogs. Some other really great meatless options are breads, beans, potatoes, couscous, rice, veggie casseroles, and desserts.



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