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Top 6 Excuses for Eating Meat

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Top 6 Excuses for Eating Meat

Today on the Animal Person Blog, Mary Martin passed on results from an informal survey she did of why people just can't go vegetarian. I recognized all of these "excuses," as Martin calls them. How about you?

1. Eating meat is the way it should be. It's what we're supposed to do. My response: I guess we should all be naked too...and dying off at 30 years of age.

2. Vegetarians "bug" God. My response: Thou shalt not kill??? Hmm...Re-read Gensis 1:29.

3. Our bodies are designed to eat meat. My response: Great, then eat it in the way your body was designed to intake it. (You hunt it, organic/free range animals native and local to your area only, consume only small quantities a few times a week, use EVERY part of the animal for something leaving nothing wasted...but most importantly have the blood on YOUR hands.)

4. It's not healthy. My response: Time for a basic nutrition lesson. I understand though because most people's understanding of nutrition comes from "milk does a body good" and "beef - it's what's for dinner" TV commercials. Do some research.

5. We as humans are at the top of the food chain--it's our duty to eat meat. My response: Then we better start acting like "leaders" and start eating a more sustainable diet...and, if we're not too busy being superior, maybe figure out a way to stop the innumerable human deaths caused by starvation everyday.

6. Last but not least...the guilty meat-eaters! They say a prayer for each piece of meat they eat. My response: Take the plunge, folks. Start making prayers of thanks, i.e. "God, thank you for allowing me the joyous opportunity to save animals by not eating them." Amen!



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