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Top 5 Celebrity Vegetarian Chefs

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Top 5 Celebrity Vegetarian Chefs

More and more folks nowadays are choosing to go vegetarian and for many different reasons. Some choose this diet for political reasons, others for reasons of ethics, and still others simply because of the health benefits. Let's look at the celebrity chefs that identify with this diet!

1. Jason Wrobel - Mr. Wrobel is a raw food chef who happens to be vegetarian. He attained his fame for his dishes based off of plants and will soon be taking over a show on the Cooking Channel. As far as being a Chef goes, making it to network television is one of the peaks of the career!

2. Tai Ronnen - One of the most renowned celebrity vegetarian Chefs around. He has done most of his work out of L.A. and the Madeleine Bistro. He has cooked for everyone in Hollywood, including Oprah.

3. Laura Theodore - Also known as the "Jazzy Vegetarian", Laura has gained her fame through her singing abilities, hosting talents, and her cooking. She has a cook book in stores and a radio show to broadcast her thoughts.

4. Isa Moskowitz - Isa stood at the forefront of vegetarian cooking when her decision to ditch meat and animal products in the '80s brought her to critical acclaim. She has a huge personality and her work as an activist, which led her to her TV Show, Post Punk Kitchen, makes her a great ambassador for green food.

5. Alice Waters - Is the owner of the Chez Panisse. She is a famous chef, writer, and owner. She started vegetarian education with her school "The Edible School Yard"



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