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Explaining Your Position to Others

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How can I explain my motivation for becoming a vegetarian?

Explaining Your Position to Others

If you find yourself in the awkward position of having to explain your decision to be a vegetarian simply answer in a sensitive, non-judgmental manner ,and remain very honest. Whether you made your transition for the sake of animals, the environment, or your own health, discuss your rationale with those who might inquire about your choice.

Also, to help ease tension among those close to you so they will understand and respect your choices, try to make yourself less of an "inconvenience" by bringing your own food to family get-togethers. Bring enough to share so they can taste what you eat and these foods will seem a little less intimidating. They might even agree on how exciting it can be to taste new foods.



5/23/2007 10:38:57 AM
Natalie said:

I have been a vegetarian for about 2 years now and it is getting harder and harder to explain my reasoning. I keep running into people that could never do it and therefore don't understand why. I was hoping that you guys would help make that easier but I suppose everyone's situation is different and there aren't concrete reasons. I'm really glad I found you guys and your site though. Thank you from all the vegetarians in my class.


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