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Peer Pressure

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How quickly do I need to become a vegetarian?

Peer Pressure

If you are new to vegetarianism, you might begin to notice a bit of peer pressure from some longtime vegetarians who have become vegans and are pushing you along to do so also. You may get this feeling from books, or people you'll meet. Ignore it, and compare yourself to no one but yourself. Adopting a vegetarian or partly vegetarian diet is a highly personal decision. Do what's right for you, and move at a pace that's comfortable for you.



11/12/2007 10:28:56 PM
Kirk said:

Great tip, it makes the transition a lot easier. I work at trader joe's and get a lot of pressure from vegetarians to transition to full fledge vegetarian. Right now I'm only eating a partly vegetarian diet, I still live with my family and they are big meat eaters. So there is a lot of pressure from my family and especially my girlfriend to eat meat. I just toe both lines eating a vegetarian diet one day and meat the next.


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