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Storing and Freezing Fresh Herbs

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How do I store fresh herbs?

Storing and Freezing Fresh Herbs

If you buy bunches of fresh herbs at a market or plan to refrigerate your garden-grown herbs, keep each variety in a separate airtight container lined with paper towels. The herbs will keep for several days in the refrigerator, but the sooner they are used, the better they will taste.

Herbs will keep for several months in the freezer. Leaves from larger-leafed herbs like basil and sage should be removed from their stems, while tiny-leafed herbs like thyme and dill may be frozen while still on the stem. Wash and dry the herbs, then store individual varieties in sealed plastic bags or small freezer containers, labeled and dated. Frozen herbs often become limp or rubbery, so use them in dishes that call for some simmering, like soups or pasta sauces.



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Good time and money saving tip, also eco-friendly.


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